Included InternetAd when print ad is puchased:
:300 x 100 dpi, 300 x 180 dpi (dependant on print ad size)

Purchased Ads:
Top Banner: 728 x 90 dpi
Front page bottom: 200 x 200 dpi


File Size: 100k or less, total of both Intro and Reminder portions

Duration: Total of 30 seconds (Intro and Reminder in any combination).

Audio: Accepted: Yes (must be activated and not automatic)

Video: Accepted: Yes.

May be user-initiated or auto-play; if auto-play video can not exceed 30 seconds.

Video must include “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop”, and “Mute” buttons.

Accepted File Types: JPG, GIF, SWF

Looping: Accepted: Yes, no limit.

Lead Time: Allow seven business days for testing and review.

Third Party Ad Serving Requirements: Accepted, via fowarding. Fourth Party Serving not accepted.

Alt Text: 30 characters max.

Each Floating Ad creative must be reviewed and approved by Runway Magazine Production.

General Guidelines:

The advertising content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, as opposed to a link within Runway site content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the advertising content.

Ad units that have a white or partially white background must be bound by a visible one (1) pixel non-white box built into the graphic. Creative must still meet size specifications with border.

All advertisers must have a privacy policy, no more than (one) 1 click from the linking page to the Ad unit.

Ad units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.

All Flash and third party creative must open a new window.

User Initiated Audio is allowed. Host initiated sound is not allowed.

Placeholder or non-final ad content will not be considered as “proxies” for final creative.

Legal Guidelines:

All filmed-entertainment advertising (motion picture and home video) placed with Runway requires studio identification that is visible and legible at all times.

Third party company name or logo is not allowed on any part of creative, the ad space is restricted for advertiser only.

The Rich Media ad servers below are approved to run non-standard placements (expandable, floating, etc.). For information on acceptance of Third Party standard creative (SWF/Gif/JPG), please see the Third Party Standard Ads.